Meet Our Team

...Clinic Cats 


 Sylvester was the first of our rescue cats.  He has a history of urinary tract blockages and was adopted by Gorham Animal Hospital to ensure his treatment and ongoing requirements are met. He was quickly named, when upon arrival he was found to be staring at the resident bird. He has quite the appetite, so much so that a wall had to build to keep him away from food orders for clients, although that doesn't stop him from trying to break in.


O'Malley is our resident comedian, and is very playful and loud for such a small boy. You can usually find him racing around the clinic for no apparent reason. He has managed to pick up a few habits from his big brother, Sylvester, such as sneaking into the food room from time to time. His high-energy personality ensures that Sylvester is kept active and on his toes. When he does settle down you can find him sleeping in the sun.



Preston is our resident love bug, and if you call the clinic you might just hear him purring in the background. He has a very distinctive, "chirpy" purr that sounds like a door swinging on rusty hinges. Sometimes his love for having his ears, face and chin rubbed can lead him to park himself on the desk in the office. This is when he blocks the computer screens and all attempts to type on the keyboards!!!

 Registered Veterinary Technicians 

Jaime RVT and Office Manager 

Jaime graduated from Sheridan College in 2011. She has devoted a lot of time to developing our webstore and in providing weight management, behavioural and client education. Jaime loves snow boarding, jet-skiing, and regularly trains in the martial arts. She is the proud parents of two beautiful cats, Tumble and Titan, and has had LOTS of experience with feline allergies....

Mikayla RVT

Mikayla is a recent graduate of the Seneca Veterinary Technician program. It is hard to believe that there is room in the house... Ocean the horse, dogs; Nita, Quinn, Logan and Abbey, bunny; Oliver.  Mikayla is an outdoorsy lady, especially enjoying her time up north. 

Receptionists/Animal Care Assistants


Mackenzie was originally one of our co-op students who now works for us as an assistant and kennel attendant. She graduated from high school in 2017 and was accepted to the veterinary technician program. Mackenzie spends her time away from us with her many pets and she loves to read. 

Co-op Students

We currently have a high school student with us. 



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