In Loving Memory


Bobby turned 20 in July 2016, but unfortunately passed later that year. He had thrived with his social personality at the clinic, not only greeting clients, but usually cuddling his way up onto laps. Sadly, Bobby developed cancer and as per the advice we give clients, he was euthanized to ensure that he left us with dignity and without suffering. He is dearly missed.

Archie and Edith

Our budgies, Archie (blue) and Edith (yellow), were quite the pair. Archie was quite the chatterbox while Edith was more of a listener. Archie was always sweet on little Edith, but she was never shy to give him a piece of her mind when he bugged her too much. Unfortunately, we lost Edith in the summer of 2015, and just over a year later we lost Archie in December 2016. We will miss the sounds of our resident tweety-birds.