Change For Change


Occasionally life is unpredictable and unforeseen illness or injury can affect our pets. Here at Gorham Animal Hospital, we have a "Change For Change" program (previously called Pennies For Pets) where donations provided by clients go towards veterinary services for animals who would otherwise go without treatment. We strive to provide the pet with both the necessary care and, when needed, a loving home as well! Dr. Sime may have to limit the staff adoptions…


Zoey was a young stray, smart enough to hang out in the clinic parking lot!  No identification microchip was found.  Our team subsequently made posters and flyers trying to find her family.  Unclaimed, we blood tested her for feline leukaemia and feline aids. 

The Change For Change program helped us to supplement Zoeys care.  She had pre surgical blood taken to evaluate her overall health, was spayed, and we were able to provide Zoey  with up-to-date vaccinations.  She has been relocated in her new loving home.  Lucky cat!! 


Chloe was surrendered to us here at the hospital due to some changing circumstances in her family. Arriving with half a bag of Whiskas, she was described as an overweight butterball with dandruff and a heart of gold. Your donations allowed us to properly vaccinate her, get her on the right diet to give her adequate nutrition, and in no time she was winning over clients. This beautiful girl has found her forever home with one of our clients and is settling in wonderfully- we hear she even has her own chair in the living room from which she watches TV with her new family!  


The brother of Chloe, Askem also came with a little extra meat on his bones. Wide-eyed and incredibly shy, he spent most of his time in hiding, only daring to venture out during the quietest of times when no one was looking. Our co-op student Emily took time out of her day every day to help ease his transition and make him comfortable in his surroundings. Change For Change gave us the opportunity to update his vaccines and slim down his waistline.  As happens, Emily' fell in love.  He is now spending his days in a quiet environment with an equally silent bunny as a roommate.  Note; Emily was also provided with feliway diffusers to help Askem adjust to his new home.  This "happy cat" pheromone provides a great drug free anti-anxiety alternative.


Bubba developed urinary tract disease and was unable to urinate.  Like most owners, Bubba's straining was thought to be constipation.  He presented with a very large bladder, at risk to rupturing.  He was subsequently hospitalized and while under a general anesthetic, a urinary catheter was placed allowing him to pass urine.  He recovered slowly over a week, and is currently benefiting from increased water intake now shown to be a major factor in helping prevent the recurrence of urinary tract disease.  New diets combined with anti-anxieties have also been shown to reduce the influence of urinary tract disease.


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