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Welcome to the Gorham Animal Hospital! We have been privileged since 1979 to have the opportunity to provide experienced and compassionate veterinary care for our extended family members in Newmarket and in the surrounding areas.

Gorham Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital.      Our veterinary  services include wellness examinations, vaccinations, which are individualized for your pet, nutritional advice and products, behavioural advice, emergency services and surgeries, as well as spays and neuters.    

You've come to the right place to find an experienced veterinarian who understand the bond between you and your pet.  We have a special emphasis on educating our clients to help make informed healthcare choices for their family and provide ideal care tailored to your needs. We look forward to a long term partnership with your family.  

We understand the multi tasking life of busy families!  We offer a convenient drop off service,  online web store ordering as well as  house call services and have extended appointment times on  Thursdays.   Pets can be dropped off at the clinic, examined by our veterinarian, who can then contact you with any diagnostic or treatment recommendations and arrange for a convenient pick up time.  Our online webstore has products available for your furry family that can be delivered right to your door! Any orders over $125 include free delivery.  ANY order can be delivered to,  and picked up, at the clinic with no delivery charge.  

NEW ; Petdesk free app allows our clients two way texting for appointments or medication refills. The app connects to all pet reminders, medications and lab results for your pet.  Vaccine status and medications and your pet's doses at your fingertips!  

COVID-19 updates.  Veterinary services have been deemed essential.  Veterinary services look different in lieu of the current pandemic.

PLEASE CALL THE CLINIC prior to your arrival.  Although our front doors are closed to ensure the safety of our clients and staff, we remain open to ensure the continued care of our patients.    Please note that medications and food orders are taking longer than usual, so plan accordingly.  Upon your arrival call from your car so that our staff can pick up an ill patient, or deliver prepaid food and medication.  Please have all cats in carriers and dogs on a long leash which will be switched out for one of ours.  Try and safely keep 6 feet away from staff.  

for covid up dates:

How do you recognize an ill animal??  Watch for signs of changes in their behaviour (straining, hiding, lethargy, vocalization and aggression), appetite, drinking , urinating or weight loss.  Coughing, vomiting, sneezing or diarrhea are move obvious symptoms of an ill pet.  Please feel free to call should you have any concerns. 

Any bleeding pet, any pet having difficulty breathing, any animal in pain/distress, and pets that are straining when urinating/defecating, or cats having urinary accidents in the house, need immediate attention.  Note a cat that is not eating should also be considered a medical emergency. Cats can develop liver disease within 48 hours of not eating enough calories to meet their nutritional requirements. 


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